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Video art installation presented on November 2002 at Afrikunst Art Zurich.
Swiss Art Expo on african arts and cultures.

This video denounces the gap between the African traditional roots
and the growing world globalization that doesn't take care of the society needs.

The video art installation was made in collaboration with the Swiss artist Kevin Merz

An African Election
is a film by Jarreth Merz, focusing on the 2008 presidential elections
in Ghana. A thrilling documentary on the behind the scenes of a complex, political machinery
of a third world trying to catch up with the first world.

After been selected for the Sundance festival 2011, a new project was born: politicalsafari
I had the chance to be part of the crew as PR and staff on-site responsible.

The Blackchurch - Very Low 
video & music production

"Let the music play" spot production and logo design

"Speriment4le" fashion brand
spot for smartphones
video production

The Blackchurch - Deeldo
music & video production


About Me

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My name is Mirko Grifoni and I work as a project manager in public relations and the creative field.
My various commercial works include the fashion, the advertising and the digital media industry.

My personal research is mostly about the study of the geometry and the pure beauty around us.

I've lived and worked both in Italy and Switzerland, where I discovered the power of visual communication and the nordic modernist style: simple, clear, direct.

I've had the chance to work for different agencies and be head responsable on projects and it helped me so much growing professionally.

I'm available for work both in studio and on location
I'm always open to new experiences and collaborations.


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