Il gambero di Santa Margherita Ligure
by Mirko Grifo on

VGM - Vision Generating Magnet - Logo design
by Mirko Grifo on

Virtus Entella - soccer uniform proposal | Chiavari
by Mirko Grifo on

MSDA ACADEMY Rapallo - logo design
by Mirko Grifo on

Equilibrium Method - logo design
by Mirko Grifo on

4GOT Factory - logo, label & packaging
by Mirko Grifo on

Miramart Magazine logo + concept
by Mirko Grifo on

Gruppo Balneari Santa Margherita Ligure - logo design
by Mirko Grifo on

Ryanair Airbus Graphic design 2018
by Mirko Grifo on


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My name is Mirko Grifoni and I work as a project manager in public relations and the creative field.
My various commercial works include the fashion, the advertising and the digital media industry.

My personal research is mostly about the study of the geometry and the pure beauty around us.

I've lived and worked both in Italy and Switzerland, where I discovered the power of visual communication and the nordic modernist style: simple, clear, direct.

I've had the chance to work for different agencies and be head responsable on projects and it helped me so much growing professionally.

I'm available for work both in studio and on location
I'm always open to new experiences and collaborations.


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